Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Some Pies for "The Skeptical Zone"

In 2015, there some 45,000 comments were made at The Skeptical Zone. Here are the top ten of the commentators (just a quantitative, not a qualitative judgement.) I'll stick to the color scheme for all of figures in this post... "The Skeptical Zone" has a handy "reply to"-feature, which allows you to address a previous comments (with or without inline quotation.) It is used to various degree - and though some don't use it at all, nearly 50% of all comments were replies.
While the previous figure showed who made replies, this one shows who receives them. Editors at "The Skeptical Zone" are also allowed to make postings and create new threads.
How popular are these threads? Here the number of comments editors gathered with there threads. Quite another question: A comment can be a short remark, a well-thought argument, or just a orgy of copying-and-pasting. How much text did the commentators write? Here is the length of the plain texts given in the comments - again, just a quantitative, not a qualitative deliberation.
This figure gives an impression of how many comments were attracted over time by threads sorted by the editors who had created them.
And here is the network of those who created - or received - at least 50 replies.


  1. To: Dieb

    re: Nils Heribert-Nilsson/"Director of the Swedish Botanical Institute" at http://www.astorehouseofknowledge.info/w/User_talk:Ruylopez/archive_7#Heribert-Nilsson-Day_is_coming_up.21

    The database for that wiki is locked so I can no longer provide you an answer.

    The person who has a contact in Sweden has significantly greater responsibilities on him so it would be unreasonable for me to ask him about this matter. However, please look at: http://www.conservapedia.com/Talk:Nils_Heribert-Nilsson

  2. Dieb,

    Clarification of previous comment:

    The database for that wiki is locked so I can no longer provide you an answer at that wiki.